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Photographs by Albert Greenfield: Trinidad & British West Indies

DATES June 06, 1946 through July 14, 1946
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  • June 6, 1946 During June, July and August, the Brooklyn Museum will open to the public two one-man photographic exhibitions by Albert Greenfield, internationally known amateur photographer who has established an outstanding record for his contribution to the inter-American Goodwill Program.

    The first show opening June 6 and continuing through July 14, will be a group of photographs made in Trinidad, British West Indies. The second show July 18 through September 2, will be photographs made in Netherlands Guiana.

    Albert Greenfield’s first exhibition was a one-man show of Haitian photographs that was held at the Brooklyn Museum during June 1942. Since that time exhibitions of his photographs made during the course of many trips through South America and the Caribbean have been held at museums and galleries throughout the country, the most recent at the Los Angeles Art Association; the Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego and the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

    In recognition of his personal efforts to help better acquaint the people of North America with their neighbors to the South, Albert Greenfield has received honors from several Latin American countries, was awarded an Associateship in the Photographic Society of America and an Honorary Membership in the Pan American League.

    Sponsors of Albert Greenfield’s exhibits include:
    His Excellency, Sir Bede Clifford, Governor of Trinidad and Tobago
    His Excellency, Dr. Alexander Loudon, Ambassador of the Netherlands
    Dr. Leo S. Rowe, Director General of the Pan American Union
    The Photographic Society of America

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 04-06/1946, 072.
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