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Prints by Vanguard

DATES November 06, 1946 through December 15, 1946
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
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  • November 6, 1946 A new exhibition of prints by the members of VANGUARD opens in the Museum’s print gallery November 6 to be current through December 15,

    Twenty-two modern artists, having a common interest in new and experimental approaches to the field of fine prints, organized, in 1945, a graphic arts group known as VANGUARD. They propose not only to explore new ideas and techniques within the printing arts, but to encourage and stimulate a more general interest in modern graphic art by circulating exhibitions of their work.

    Concerned with contemporary hand processes in all print media, the members of VANGUARD work in woodcut, wood-engraving, copper engraving, etching, lithography, serigraphy and lumiprinting. Their first exhibition as a group, held at the Philadelphia Print Club in October 1945, was highly successful. Since then, VANGUARD has held exhibitions in a number of museums, schools and art associations throughout the United States,

    The Artists participating in this group exhibition are:

    Vera Berdich
    Werner Drewes
    Cliffe Eitel
    R. Vale Faro
    Francine Felsenthal
    Sue Fuller
    A. P. Hankins
    Stanley William Hayter
    Medard Klein
    Edward Landon
    Mauricio Lasansky
    Ezio Martinelli
    Leonard Nelson
    Dimitri Petrov
    Bob Rainey
    Abraham Rattner
    Anne Ryan
    Peter Sager
    Louis Schanker
    Kurt L. Seligmann
    Albert Urban

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 10-12/1946, 136.
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