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National Print Exhibition, 01st Annual

DATES March 19, 1947 through May 04, 1947
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
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  • January 29, 1947 A new Print Annual Exhibition will be held at the Brooklyn Museum from March 12 to May 4. Any artist living in the United States may submit one to three examples of his work done during the past year. All work must be in by February 13th. For further information write to:

    The Brooklyn Museum
    Miss Una E. Johnson, Curator of Prints
    Eastern Parkway
    Brooklyn 17, New York

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 01-03/1947, 013.
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  • March 19, 1947 The Brooklyn Museum's new National Print Annual Exhibition opened yesterday with a private view and reception for artists, Museum members, and guests and will open to the public on March 19th remaining on view through May 4th. The first print competition, national in scope, to be held in the New York area, comprises more than two hundred prints selected from work submitted by nearly six-hundred artists from all sections of the United States. The selections for the exhibition were made by a jury of five:

    Mr. A. Hyatt Mayor, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
    Miss Elisabeth Mongan, Curator of Prints, The National Gallery, Washington, D.C.
    Mr. Hermon More, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City
    Miss Bertha von Moschzisker, Director, The Print Club, Philadelphia
    Miss Una E. Johnson, Curator of Prints, The Brooklyn Museum

    They also designated the thirty-five purchase awards in the various print media.

    The requirements for entry were made as broad as possible. All artists working in the United States were eligible to submit one to three graphic works. All fine print media were considered by the jury.

    A list of the purchase awards follows:

    Grace A. Albee; The Storm
    Maxil Ballinger; Ruel
    Will Barnet; Early Morning
    Fred Backer; Inferno
    Elizabeth T. Bright; Carnival
    Harry Brodsky; Backyard Impressions
    Federico Castellon; Kunming Bus
    Jean Charlot; Mexican Kitchen
    Alan Crane; House by the Sea
    Joseph P. diGemma; In the Burma
    Ernest Freed; Battle of the Sexes
    Peter Grippe; Escape into Time
    Robert Gwathmey; Singing and Mending
    Ernst Hacker; Interior Landscape
    James D. Havens; Rabbit Fence
    Stanley William Hayter; Unstable Woman
    Jon Henry; The King Was in His Counting House
    Mervin Jules; The Conductor
    Armin Landeck; Rooftops, 14th Street
    Edward Landon; Nocturnal Adversary
    James McConnell; Head, no. 3
    Boris Margo; Alchemist, no. 2
    Leo Meissner; Breath of Spring
    John Muench; Maine Barnyard
    Chang Reynolds; Motor Show
    Anne Ryan; Fantasia
    Attilio Salemme; One Against Many
    Louis Schanker; Abstract Landscape
    Karl Schrag; Rain and the Sea
    Georges Schreiber; Wind
    Quiller Scott, Jr.; Furnished Room
    David Shapiro; Circus Theme
    Coreen Nary Spellman; Building Again
    Rose Wright; Gas Works
    Richard Zoellner; Street Scene, no. 1

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 01-03/1947, 049-50.
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  • April 24, 1947 On Tuesday evening, April 29, at 7:00 p.m., several well-known artists will discuss their prints informally in the galleries where the Brooklyn Museum First National Print Annual is now on view. Frederico Castellon, Carlus Dyer, Peter Grippe, and Louis Schanker will be among the artists present, to discuss their prints which are in the exhibition. Castellon and Schanker are both residents of Brooklyn. Schanker is also represented in the United States section of the current International water color exhibition. Carlus Dyer and Peter Grippe both have their studios in New York.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 04-06/1947, 075.
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