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National Print Exhibition, 02nd Annual

DATES March 23, 1948 through May 24, 1948
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
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  • March 24, 1948 The Brooklyn Museum’s Second National Print Annual opens to the public on March 24th, to be current through May 23rd. One hundred and sixty-five prints were selected by a jury composed of Miss Elodie Courter, Consultant to the Department of Circulating Exhibitions, Museum of Modern Art; Dr. Jakob Rosenberg, Curator of Prints, Fogg Museum of Art; Mr. Carl Zigrosser, Curator of Prints, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Miss Una E. Johnson, Curator of Prints and drawings, The Brooklyn Museum, (ex-Officio).

    Works by artists from thirty states are included in this Second Annual. Seventeen purchase awards have been made. They are as follows:

    Beny, W. Roloff. A Time of War, and A Time of Peace
    Biddle, George. Along the Banks of the Kalimazoo
    Bothwell, Dorr. Memory Machine
    Cloar, Carroll. Great-half-uncle Ike
    Coen, Eleanor. Bird in the Window
    Dehn, Adolf. Jungle at Night
    Eichenberg, Fritz. The Midnight Oil
    Frasconi, Antonio. Girl with Bird Cage
    Helfond, Riva. Sea Gulls
    Jackson, Martin. Reflected Yesterday
    Lasanky, Mauricio. Pieta
    McConnell, James. Home Remedy
    Mason, Alice Trumbull. Indicative Displacement
    Ryan, Anne. In a Room
    Senska, Frances. Nostalgia
    Steg, James Louis. Self-Analysis
    Vavruska, Frank. Fish

    Installed in four galleries on the second floor, the Second National Print Annual reflects widely diverse and noteworthy achievements and experiments in the various print media. After the present exhibition closes, a large selection of prints from this show will be circulated throughout the country by the American Federation of Arts.

    A catalogue of this exhibition has been printed by the Museum and will be available on the day of the opening.

    Press Preview: Monday, March 22, 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 01-03/1948, 028.
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