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Recent Purchases of Egyptian Art

DATES June 20, 1950 through September 04, 1950
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  • June 20, 1950 The only ancient model of an Egyptian temple which has survived to the present day is part of an exhibition opening today (June 20) at the Brooklyn Museum. This stone model of the temple of Helopolis, the city of the Sun, was made over 3000 years ago as a votive gift of King Seti to an Egyptian temple. It was brought to the United States by a Californian traveler in 1875, was published in 1881, and then lost sight of until rediscovered and purchased by the Museum.

    Another important acquisition is an Old Kingdom sculpture of a family group dating from about 2500 B.C., showing a scribe of the Royal Granar with his wife and son. It is of unusual composition and exceptionally fine workmanship and most of its original color is preserved. A later period, the 26th dynasty (663-525 B.C.), often referred to as the "Egyptian Renaissance”, is represented by three fragments of beautifully cut relief and two ivory figurines of unusual size and quality.

    Also featured in the exhibition are a head of a woman in black steatite and a marble statue of a youth, both excellent examples of the Alexandrian school in the Hellenistic tradition. Also a charming figure of a lion, also of the late period, in brilliant blue glazed faience.

    Included in the exhibition are a few important loans: A fine and unusually large sculptor’s trial piece of the “Heretic King” Akhenation, an 18th dynasty relief, which comes from the Petrie excavations at Tell - el - Amarna, and a diorite head of a king of the Middle Kingdom (about 2000 B.C.), both lent by Albert Gallatin. Also shown are a large bronze lion, probably from the Persian highlands and dating from around 1000 B.C.; a Mesopotamian bronze ram of the time of the great king of Babylonia, Hammurabi, who lived about 1900 B.C.; and an Egyptian hippopotamus of the Middle Kingdom glazed in brilliant blue; all lent by Mr. and Mrs. A. Bradley Martin.

    The exhibition will remain on view through Sept. 4.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 04-06/1950, 060.
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