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National Print Exhibition, 06th Annual

DATES March 19, 1952 through May 18, 1952
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
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  • March 17, 1952 The Brooklyn Museum’s 6th National Print Annual Exhibition, the only completely juried print show in the Metropolitan area and one of the major print exhibits in the United States, will open to the public on March 19. A preview for exhibiting artists, museum members and guests will be held on the afternoon of March 19. The exhibit will continue through May 18.

    Two hundred prints were chosen from over 1200 entries by a jury composed of:

    Belle Krasne, Editor, The Art Digest
    Karl Kup, Curator of Prints,The New York Public Library
    Ezio Martinelli, artist and teacher, Sarah Lawrence College
    Una E. Johnson, Curator of Prints, The Brooklyn Museum (ex-Officio)

    Prize winners will be announced later.

    Artists from every section of the United States are represented. The exhibit reflects not only the many facets of contemporary printmaking, but also shows the development of a new and expanding way of seeing - in fact, a changing visual vocabulary. Freshness, exuberance, boldness, experimentation are everywhere apparent in the exhibition.

    An illustrated catalog is available.

    Selections from the exhibit will be circulated throughout the United States by the American Federation of Arts as in previous years.

    All prints on Exhibition are for sale.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 01-03/1952, 015.
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  • March 18, 1952 Prize winners in the 6th National Print Annual opening to the public at the Brooklyn Museum Exhibition, tomorrow were announced today. The Thirteen American artists honored include several from the metropolitan area. Their work has been purchased by the Museum and will become part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

    They are Arnold Abramson of Jamaica, N.Y., Will Barnet and Robert Conover, of New York City, Danny Pierce of Brooklyn and Walter R. Rogalski of Glen Cove, N.Y. (The complete list includes Harry Brorby, Iowa City, Ia., Leonard Edmondson, Pasadena, Calif., John Livingston Ihle, Chicago, Ill., Gabor Peterdi Rowayton, Conn., Sue Rovelstad, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Phyllis Sherman, Iowa City, Ia., J.L. Steg, New Yorleans, Ia., and Adja Yunkers, Alameda, N.M.


    The show, a completely juried one, includes 200 prints which were chosen from more than 1200 entries. Artists from every section of the United States are represented, with the exhibit forcefully reflecting dramatic developments in this art.

    Miss Una Johnson, curator of prints and drawings for the museum, stated that the show is one of the finest to date.

    Printmaking is one of the most exciting fields in art today. The artist is using great inventiveness here -- everything from razor blades to power tools are being tried in the effort to create. And these artists are young -- most of them in their early 20’s and 30’s.”

    Miss Johnson explained that the artists are working with a sense of security. Many are veterans and they’ve dedicated their privileges under the GI Bill of Rights to art education.

    “Our American artists have freedom, and comparative security, and they are rediscovering and re-applying the ever-widening means of expression through engraving, etching, woodcut, lithography and serigraphy,” she said.


    To support the American artist, The Brooklyn Museum as a public service, makes the prints readily available to the public. Prices are marked on all exhibited pieces and these range from $5 to $50. The complete purchase price goes to the artist.

    “I feel that a print is one of the finest art investments that can be made. At a very modest price, a person obtains an original work of art, signed by the artist,” she said.

    The prints are limited editions of 9, 10, 11 and sometimes 25.

    The exhibition will continue through May 18.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 01-03/1952, 019-20.
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