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The First Ten: 1968-1978

DATES November 12, 1978 through December 10, 1978
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  • October 31, 1978 The First Ten: Community Gallery Tenth Anniversary, an exhibition of paintings, sculpture, and graphics by ten artists, will be on view in the Community Gallery of The Brooklyn Museum, from November 12 through December 10. An opening reception will be held Sunday, November 12, from 1 to 4 P.M. Admission to The Brooklyn Museum is free.

    Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Community Gallery, this exhibition includes the works of ten Brooklyn artists, one chosen from each exhibition year. Begun in 1968 as the first museum facility of its kind, the Gallery’s many exhibitions of community artists demonstrate a unique approach to fostering and stimulating creativity in the visual arts in the Museum’s own neighboring communities.

    “This exhibition,” states Richard Waller, Coordinator of the Community Gallery since 1972, “marks the outstanding achievement of ten years of service to the artists and communities served by the Museum. The Gallery has brought attention and exposure to literally thousands of community artists through the eighty-six exhibitions and related activities presented in its first decade. Through the years, it has shown artists working in every conceivable medium and at every level of ability and development, from children, the young emerging artist, the amateur, to the recognized professional, as well as artists that reflect the varied ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds of our many communities. Begun as an innovative experiment in opening up the Museum to the creativity of its own local artists, the Community Gallery has established itself as an important part of the cultural life of the Borough of Brooklyn.”

    Participating artists are: Charles Bohannah, Audrey Frank, Carl Hecker, Onnie Millar, Sabra Moore, Shozo Nagano, Harold Olejarz, Gertrude Sappin, Laura Shechter, and Linda Smith.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1971 - 1988. 1978, 026.
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