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Toile de Jouy & Other Textiles (Agnes Johnson Holfen Collection)

DATES January 01, 1929 through 1929 (date unknown)
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  • January 1, 1929 For the rest of January there will be on view in the decorative arts department on the second floor of the Brooklyn Museum a special exhibition of Toiles de Jouy and other textiles lent by Mrs. Agnes Johnson Holden of Manhattan, daughter of Robert Underwood Johnson. Mrs. Holden has traveled extensively and lived abroad several years, so that she had the time to visit the small towns of France and search out examples of printed fabrics that the more casual visitor would miss. The result is that she has picked up some rare specimens unusual in size. There are sixteen pieces lent by Mrs. Holden which are augmented by three of the Museum's recent purchases. Several of the prints are well documented and are examples of patterns illustrated in the Metropolitan Museum's recent publication, "Painted and Printed Fabrics" by Morris and Cluzot.

    Of the patterns actually printed at the Jouy factory there are the interesting ones called "La Route de Jouy" in which the names of the designer and engraver of the pattern are given on the sign-post in the lower right-hand corner, "The Deer Hunt", "Diana the Huntress", and ''Allegory of Art and Music". Some other interesting pieces are an elaborately and beautifully printed piece done in the manner of a Paisley shawl, an 18th century cope trimmed with gold braid, a skirt made of a fabric designed by Pillement and a little known Chinoiserie pattern in subdued tones.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 01-03/1929, 008.
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