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Polish Color Designs

DATES October 01, 1930 through 1930 (date unknown)
ORGANIZING DEPARTMENT European Painting and Sculpture
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  • October 3, 1930 The first exhibition of the Brooklyn Museum is new season which opens on Sunday, October 5th will be a collection of color designs from Poland which will be shown in the Print Gallery on the first floor. It will consist of 125 exhibits of designs printed on paper. Thirty of them are done by the usual lithographic process, while the balance are known as areograffs, which means a stencil process in which compressed air is used.

    The exhibition will be open to the public on Sunday but there will be an official viewing of the show by Hon. Dr. Mieczyslaw Marchlewski, Consul General of Poland, on Monday at 11:30. This will be followed by a luncheon given by Dr. Fox.

    The exhibition is composed of designs by the younger artists of the Polish modern school. This collection was assembled and brought here by Mr. L. K. Straszewicz of Warsaw.

    The exhibits are not definitely Polish in character although there is considerable use of native motifs. In general the exhibition is one of a gay riot of Slavic colors with the designs handled in a strong, broad, vivid poster manner.

    The guests at luncheon at the Museum will be Hon. Dr. Mieczyslaw Marchlewski, Consul General of Poland; Hon. Alexander Woytkiewicz, Financial Counselor of the Polish Embassy; Mr. Thaddeus Hoinko, Secretary of the American polish Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Z. Chelmicki, Vice Consul of Poland; Hon. Jan Lech Byszewski, Vice Consul of Poland; Mr. Tade' Styka, artist; Mr. Sigismunt Stojowski; Mr. Ignacy Morawski, Manager, Poland Magazine; Prof. W. Nawench-Morawski, Director, Polish Telegraphic Agency; Nr. Robert C. Lee, President of the American Polish Chamber of Commerce; Mr. M. F. Wegrzynek, Publisher, Polish Daily Nowy Swiat; Mr. Folmar Larsen; Dr. and Mrs. William Henry Fox, Mr. Josiah P. Marvel; Miss Susan A. Hutchinson, Mrs. William H. Good, Mrs. Caroline Post, Mrs. Stephen Brody, Mrs. Irene Lewisohn, Mrs. Jacob Riis and Mrs. Kenneth Simpson.

    Others who have been invited for the official viewing are: Mr. A Trzecieski, Asst. Secretary of the American Polish Chamber of Commerce; Dr. B. Lapowski; Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Jarecki; Count Janusz Ilinski; Mr. Paul Supinski, Asst. Corporation Council of Jersey City; Mr. Henry Sieminski; Mr. H. S. Demarest; Mr. E. Brykczynski; Mr. W. Bojan Blazewicz, Editor-in-Chief, Polish Daily Nowy Swiat; Mr. Ralph Modjeski; Mr. J. Krease.s

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 10-12_1930, 128-9.
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