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Oriental Musical Instruments & Related Objects

DATES June 23, 1937 through 1937 (date unknown)
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  • July 1, 1937 On July 2nd the Brooklyn Museum opened an Exhibition of Oriental Musical Instruments and Related Objects from the Brooklyn Museum collections. The purpose of the exhibition is to give a cross section of Japanese, Chinese and Indian objects relating to music, the theatre and the dance.

    The exhibition includes Japanese costumes and masks which were used in the No Dramas; musical instruments; facsimiles of scores for the Koto, the most popular national instrument; and prints showing Japanese actors.

    There are also Chinese and Indian musical instruments and costumes, as well as Indian sculpture and a XVIIth century miniature showing the dancing Siva and Indian musicians respectively. Photographs of the Japanese classical theatre, Chinese musicians and actors and the Hindu ballet of Shan Khar, complete the exhibition.

    The section devoted to musical instruments Is clearly labeled and illustrated with diagrams showing the method of playing the various Instruments.

    A program of motion pictures depicting geographical situations, manners, customs and industries in each of the countries represented in the exhibition, was given every Wednesday afternoon through the month of July. In order to further demonstrate the use and reality of the objects exhibited, three concerts of recorded Oriental music will be given on successive Tuesdays at 2:30 P. M. during the month of August. This exhibition will continue through September 26th.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 07-09_1937, 134.
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