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14 Painter--Printmakers

DATES November 16, 1955 through January 08, 1956
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
  • November 14, 1955 The Brooklyn Museum will open the exhibition, “14 Painter-Printmakers” to the public on Wednesday, November 16, according to an announcement today by Edgar C. Schenck, director of the museum.

    The exhibition will present the paintings and prints of 14 American artists who are working creatively in both media. It will be the first museum showing and the most extensive statement of the contemporary painter-printmaker. Each artist will be represented by 3 paintings and 3 prints.

    As was true in the French Painter-Engraver Society, one of the earliest of the painter-printmaker societies, of which Rodin and Forain were members, the 14 Painter-Printmakers represent a leading group of artists. They have been long associated with the avant garde art movement in the United States. They are: Will Barnet, Minna Citron, Worden Day, Perle Fine, Sue Fuller, Jan Gelb, Seong Moy, Boris Margo, Alice T. Mason, Gabor Peterdi, Louis Schanker, Karl Schrag, Kurt Seligmann and John von Wicht.

    The 14 Painter-Printmakers stem from the Graphic Circle which first exhibited in 1947 at the Jacques Seligmann Galleries.

    The show was selected by John Gordon, Curator of Paintings and Sculpture and Una E. Johnson, Curator of Prints and Drawings, both of the museum staff,

    The "14 Painter-Printmakers" will be on view in the Special Exhibition Galleries, first floor of the museum, through January 8,1956.

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