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Here's How! History of Drinking Vessels

DATES February 18, 1953 through April 19, 1953
COLLECTIONS Decorative Arts
  • February 13, 1953 "Here's How” is an exhibition of drinking vessels from Egyptian, about 2500 B.C., through the present day. It is supplemented by pictorial representation of the vessels in use. There is a tapestry, oil paintings, prints, reproductions of paintings, illuminated manuscripts, some advertisements, recipes of old drinks, quotations in which drinks or vesseIs are mentioned. Show concludes with Dr. Rush’s (Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of founders of American Philosophical Society, 18th Century) “Moral and Physical Thermometer”.

    All vessels will be exhibited in cases (except those to be used on table settings). Background of cases, depending upon material and color of vessels, will be gray, very pale corn and the purple of the grape.

    The expression “drink it down” or “cheers” will be be translated into many languages, the words or phrases appearing on cases and walls.

    Show is being supervised by Helen McKearin who considers this a telescopic view of the subject.

    Abraham & Straus is cooperating on the table settings which will occupy the rear bay, focal point of the main exhibition hall.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1953 - 1970. 1953, 002.
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