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Reliquary Guardian Figure (Boumba Bwiti)

The Tsogho, like other groups in Gabon, construct bundles, often decorated with carved figures, to contain the remains of important ancestors and other powerful materials. Among the Tsogho, these bundles commemorate specific ancestors. Periodically, offerings are made to the reliquary, or boumba bwiti, to honor the ancestor and other members of the lineage. Families may also use the figures during initiations.

Catalogue Description:
Wooden figure consisting of a head and long neck attached to a reliquary bundle. Figure has powdered red tukula wood coloring, and reddish brown stained glass eyes. Thin metal strips have been attached to forehead and neck. Strips have a hammered pointed design. Two reddish-black feathers emerge from reliquary bundle on right side of figure. Bundle covered with various plant and other substances held together by crisscrossed fiber ropes. CONDITION: Very good, but fragile. Fibers in front of bundle coming loose; fiber ropes dry and some slightly brittle. Figure is attached to modern metal stand.

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