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Pen box

Catalogue Description:
Decorated on all 6 sides as well as the inside of the top with motifs. Remainder of the case inside is covered with lacquered marbleized paper. Motif on the top of the box, which covers the entire surface, is a battle scene on horseback framed by a narrow boarder of gold dots arranged in squares against a maroon ground. Beneath the maroon border is a slightly wider one of a gold flower rinceaux against a black ground. On the front of the box is a landscape whose central scene is of 2 shepherds and a flock of sheep. The front center hinge partially covers one of the figures. On the short sides are other landscape scenes with horses and attached to the sides are small chains that hold up the cover. The bottom of the box has a covering of gold floral rinceaux against a maroon ground surrounded by a narrow floral border against a black ground. The inside cover has a center oval enclosing a half figure view of a young woman with an exposed bosom holding a vase of flowers in her right hand. On either side of the female figure is a landscape with water and bridges.

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