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Catalogue Description:
Desk (one of four pieces of dormitory furniture), birch plywood and solid wood. Desk is composed of simple rounded-edged rectangular top supported on the proper left by a flat-bottomed U-shaped leg; in the middle by two braces stretching under the width of the top; and on the proper right by rectangular drawer unit, the full depth of the top. The drawer unit has a recessed base below, then one large and three small drawers above, all with handles (recessed) cut into the middle of each drawer unit. Condition: Fair, generally worn. Numerous scratches and stains to the top. Wear to finish on most edges with 1 3/4 inch chip to front proper right leg. Grain raised along inside of leg. Greatest wear to front of all four drawers; surfaces are heavily worn and brushed, with scratches, stains and discolorations throughout.

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