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Headdress and Headband

Catalogue Description:
Boat-shaped headdress (a) made of red ochred human hair. Anterior has composite feather and flower ornament centrally positioned above arched lower border. Thin bamboo Zigzag piece set at a diagonal on each side, terminated at top with a yellow daisy and a button on the proper right side. The slightly concave top surface has a large tuft of golden-brown cassowary feathers placed at its center and is bordered by an evenly spaced series of small upright red, yellow, and green feathers. Posterior: cuscus fur starts from pointed lower tips and runs upward to the back side. Condition: Strap-like part (bamboo strip with string attachment at each end) (b) loose inside headdress. Rectangular patch of green and red feathers also loose (in box).One green, yellow, and red feather also loose in box.

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