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Coffin of the Lady of the House, Weretwahset, Reinscribed for Bensuipet Containing Face Mask and Openwork Body Covering

Catalogue Description:
Lower half of a painted wooden coffin and the painted cartonnage (containing part of the mummy) of a woman. The piece was usurped. In the column of text on the lower front of the cartonnage is written the name with the first part of the name being left blank (or erased if an earlier name appeared here). On the coffin the name is written more completely: Bns'wipt var. (B(n)s'wipt. Also visible, in several place underneath this name is what may possible be read Wr.t-w'h-(s'w). The cartonnage has a double wig. The sides of the coffin are decorated with representations of funerary deities with accompanying texts. Fragments of a bouquet of Persea leaves found in the coffin. The coffin box is identified as 37.47Ea. The coffin lid is identified as 37.47Eb. The mask is identified as 37.47Ec. The openwork body covering is identified as 37.47Ed.

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