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Five Pines, Onagi Canal, No. 97 from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Catalogue Description:
The Onagi Canal in Gohonmatsu was in fact absolutely straight, but the artist has provided a curve in it for a more appealing composition. Originally there were five pine trees planted along the Onagi Canal, but four had died, leaving only this one, supported by three posts. In Hiroshige's time this was a very large old tree, growing out over the water within the walls of the Kuki estate, belonging to the daimyo of Ayabe. The tree finally fell victim to pollution, killed by smoke and dust from the Suzuki Cement factory that replaced the Kuki estate. The tree's girth was reported at thirteen feet. In the center a man is dragging his towel in the water. This same detail in a similar type of boat appeared in "View of Sunset Over Ryogoku Bridge from Ouyagashi Ferry" in Hokusai's famous "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" series in the early 1830's.

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