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Raised Relief of a Goddess or Queen

Catalogue Description:
Bold sunk relief in sandstone of a standing woman. The figure faces left with raised right arm, horizontal left arm holding a life-sign in hand. Rising from a modius atop a wig adorned with a fillet is the lower portion of a crown consisting of tall plumes fronted by cow's horns, and presumably, a solar disk. Around the fillet is coiled the body of a cobra whose head and spread hood rise before the figure's head. The figure wears a broad-collar necklace, represented in relief, and a tight dress starting just below the breasts and ending in a scalloped hemline. Remains of pigment indicate that the dress was painted blue with a central vertical panel of red. Areas of red pigment are also found on the figure's face, chest, and arms. Blue-green pigment indicates armlets and bracelets were painted on the figure. Before the figure is a partially preserved column of hieroglyphic text. Figure and text are framed at the side by raised border lines.

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