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Totem Pole for Beaver House

Catalogue Description:
Carved Haida totem pole that has been cut into two sections. (In the photograph, details of both sections are shown flanking the speaker figure, 05.588.7418). Both sections are made of unpainted cedar wood with hollow concavities in the rear. Depicted animals on section (a) are (top to bottom): bird (thunderbird or eagle); adult bear; small baby bear's head and paws revealed between upper adult bear's legs; adult bear with long tongue extended downward; head of adult bear or beaver (cut off from rest of its body when totem pole was cut into two sections). Depicted animals on section (b) are (top to bottom): body only of adult bear; baby bear crawling downward with hind quarters at top and head at bottom; adult bear; young bear's head with long ears peering out between legs of adult bear above it. The totem pole was cut into two sections before it was brought to the Museum in 1911. The overall condition of the two sections is poor and unstable. The wood is dry and brittle. There are numerous deep cracks, material losses, and surface abrasions.

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