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Male Figure

While physical anthropologists consider Fiji part of Melanesia, its art and culture are more closely associated with Polynesia, owing in part to long-standing ties with neighboring Tonga and Samoa. Frequent travel between these island groups resulted in hybrid artistic styles. The attribution of this figure remains uncertain because of the similar ways Fijians, Tongans, and Samoans portrayed the human figure.

Catalogue Description:
Standing male figure with arms at sides, prominent navel and genitals. Head with hollowed, almond-shaped eyes, wide nose and slightly open mouth. Large, crescent-shaped ears. Thin, engraved lines accentuate the hairline, brows, and clavicle. Condition: Heavily weathered, with numerous vertical cracks, especially on the sides of the torso under the arms. Front portions of both feet missing, numerous small chips to hands. Crack (approx. 0.3 cm wide) to proper left side of head, crack (0.3 cm wide) running down middle of back.

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