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Horizontal Frieze

Catalogue Description:
Wooden bird carving that was made to be shown with other figures on the back wall of a special dance hall. The condition is fair. There are numerous repaired breaks on the piece, including many horizontal breaks through the proper right wing. In addition, the central bird head, the left end of the central crescent, the upper proper left wing, and the tail feathers of the small bird on this side, have been reattached. There are two missing areas of wood. The largest is located on the upper most red fringe section on the proper right wing. The second loss occurs on the red band below the upper most band, on a carved element close to the bird's body. From catalogue card: "Wooden bird carving which was made to be exhibited with other figures upon the back wall of a special dance hall. Each native of New Ireland has a bird of some kind for his "manu" or guardian spirit. Condition: good.

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