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Letter to Kathlene MacDonell

Catalogue Description:
Letter written on both sides of folded sheet of letterhead with drawing on back; embossed letterhead consisting of a circular stamp of dramatic masks in wreath at upper left and "THE PLAYERS / SIXTEEN GRAMERCY PARK" at upper right. Transcription of letter (in Sargent's hand): Kathlene Dear nicest / The tickets have come / and I thank you more than / much for them -- Please dont / get more nervous than you / have to for you'r[e] going to be / good! ['good' underscored] So best dont worry / about it at all. Things have / changed and all the signs / point in the ['the' added with carat] right direction. I saw / two loads of hay yesterday ['yesterday' added with carat] -- one / drawn by a white horse. / [struck through text] / and you know what that / means. Especially when you / [struck through word] do up your beautiful / hair in the morning -- / [letter continues on other side] So there it is -- load of hay -- / white horse and a [struck through word] red haired / girl -- the combination can not / be beat -- I can not remember if it / is allowed to tell what I wished but / in this instance I do not believe it / will break the charm -- For I / wished with all my heart for the / success that you deserve and / I know that you will have it! / And that Kathlene dear is a very / great success in deed. As you have / a bit of Irish in you / I am sending these "little people." / for they are / sure to look / after you to- / morrow. / Affectionately / John

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