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Autographed Letter by J. Francis Murphy

Catalogue Description:
The letter, which had been folded into thirds, reads as follows: The Chelsea Dec 20 1854 / Dear Mr. Mitchell / The drawings / in your little book are / finished and your friend can call now at any time / to get it I hope that the / few scratches we have made / will add a trifle to your pleasures / You have already a fine group / of autographs The book is a treat / My drawing represents an old pear tree / that I knew in New Jersey, / it used to bear half a dozen or / more of those huge winter pears. / what we boys would term as "whoppers" / They always appealed to my decorative / instincts hanging there after all the leaves had fallen / Wishing you much / success in the securing future autographs / I am yours truly / J. Francis Murphy [Drawing of pear tree, accession number 15.518.1]

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