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Catalogue Description:
Circular clock-face covered with burled veneer, resting on stepped, black-painted, wooden base (the upper base section smaller than the lower). Small metal cubes mark the hours, except for 12 and 6, which are marked by longer metal bands, square in section, extending from the hour marker over the edge of the clock, and back to the rear. The minute hand is a narrow metal band, the hour hand a teardrop shaped metal piece. CONDITION: Veneer is in need of conservation with cracks throughout, and several minor losses (located near hour markings as follows: between 1 and 2, between 4 and 5, and between 7 and 8). Piece of veneer lost from top of clock to proper right of metal band. Noticeable crack extending from 7-hour marker and on side of clock near 10-hour marker. Proper right front of base has minor loss, cracks throughout. Some scratches to hour markers with loss of plating to minute hand and scratches to hour hand.

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