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One Family House Chair

Catalogue Description:
Rectilinear side chair with a square-sectioned steel tubing painted white and a cushion made of green Astroturf over plywood. Straight chair back shaped into the skeletal outline of a house with a door, two windows, pointed roof, and short chimney. The side stiles (sides of the house) continue into the two back legs, which, with two parallel front legs, support the flat seat, which represents a kind of front lawn for the house. All of the tubing parts are welded together. CONDITION: Newly made, with minor scratches and imperfections in paint application to all surfaces. Chips with minor paint losses to several corners, most noticeable loss at top of back, rear side of peak of roof. Paint not applied to tiny spot at top of proper left leg, appearing as loss with red undercoat or rustproofing showing.

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