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Catalogue Description:
Bound sketchbook containing 24 leaves with figure studies. Sketchbook with cardboard covers covered in tan fabric, loop for drawing instrument on back cover. Inside front cover, inscribed in graphite, "Will. M. Chase. / 8 Neuhauser Sr. / Kunst Academy / München" [Museum numbered recto and verso pages in succession (but numbering not consistent)] P. 1: Head studies in graphite, charcoal, and red pencil. P. 2-3: Male head studies; 3 pages excised between pages 2 and 3, stub inscribed with "[?] Munchen Dec. 3rd. 1872" P. 4-5: Head and leg studies in graphite and charcoal. P. 6-7: Two male heads and arm study in graphite. P. 8: Artist at easel in graphite and charcoal. P. 9: Head and foot study in graphite P. 11: Head studies in graphite and charcoal. P. 12: Male head in charcoal P. 14-15: Heads and hands in charcoal and graphite P. 17: Head and arm study in charcoal and graphite P. 19: Male half figure in graphite. P. 20: Very faint male head P. 21: Half length figure study in charcoal and graphite P. 22: Very faint partial profile of face. P. 23: Male head in profile in charcoal. P. 25: Studies of old man head P. 26: Head of bearded man in conte crayon P. 27: Studies of two male heads in graphite and conte crayon P. 28: Study of head with open mouth in graphite, musical notes in charcoal; 3 excised pages between pages 28 and 29. P. 29: Partial study of face in conte crayon P. 30: Half figure of seated woman in graphite P. 33: Female figure in peasant costume in graphite and conte crayon P. 35: Female figure in peasant costume holding pitcher on shoulder in conte crayon. P. 36: Sketches of head and window; 4 excised pages between pages 36 and 37. P. 37: Loose sketch of figural group? P. 39: Loose sketch of figural group in graphite. P. 41: Light sketch of tree P. 42 (upside down): Male figure study in charcoal. Formerly loose drawing 29.27.9 [Untitled] (Study of Male Model), Graphite on paper] inserted at back of sketchbook as end paper structure during conservation treatment done by conservator Maria Fredericks per treatment report dated 12/29/2012. Pocket on inside back cover, inscribed in graphite "Wm. M. Chase" Inscribed faintly on back cover "Will M. Chase"

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