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Gathering of Nations

Catalogue Description:
This traditional, coiled basket is created especially for the Museum for the tipi exhibition by the artist Carol Emarthle-Douglas. On a natural background, it depicts eleven different women, each wearing the traditional dress of her Tribe, or Nation. In her hands she extends out a three dimensional basket woven in the style of her people as if to present it to the entire world. This is reflected exactly the same on the inside where she extends her basket as if to her community of basket makers. Four different basket making techniques are represented and materials are as follows by Nation: Seminole-One-rod coiling- one coiled pine needle, wrapped with raffia Haida- Twining- Red and Yellow cedar bark, commercial dye Pomo-One rod coiling-Round reed wrapped with raffia, various colors Navajo- One rod coiling- Round reed wrapped with raffia, various colors Yakima-One rod coiling- Round reed wrapped with raffia, various colors Nez Perce-Twining-Waxed linen thread in brown, green and white Northern Arapaho-One rod coiling, Coiled cloth wrapped with wire core, wrapped silk thread Ojibwa-Bending bark, Cherry bark, artificial sinew, etched design Penobscot- Twining- Black ash, sweet grass Chitimacha-Twill- Black ash, yellow cedar Cherokee- Twill-Yellow cedar, dyed yellow cedar

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