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Fragments of Light 2

Catalogue Description:
Excerpts from the Mathnavi-i Ma`navi, the masterpiece of the poet Rumi (1207-1273), appear laser-etched onto the panels of this glass book conceived by the Brooklyn-based artist Kelly Driscoll. The 7 plates (a-g) are made of Depp Glass, each plate with a laser etching of the selection of Rumi's poetry in addition to its English translation. Laser etching accomplished by Laser Edge Designs. The type for the English translation is Diotima. The calligraphy is by Jerry Kelly. The printed colophon (h) is by Wild Carrot Letterpress. The pages are contained in "binding" box (i) made of pale sea-green suede with drop-down sides and held together by magnets imbedded in the panels.

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