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"Gazelle" Armchair

Catalogue Description:
The rear legs and stiles, carved from a single piece of wood, begin as small round feet, taper slightly, widen at seat rail and taper to fine, rounded points. Carved and rounded tapering arms extend from rear stiles. The side rails are widest at rear and narrow and arc upward towards the front seat rail, which is concave. Front legs begin as small round feet, taper slightly and widen at seat rail. Rectangular seat slopes back and narrows to a concave rear seat rail and is caned to conform to the contour of the seat frame. The trapezoidal-caned back forms a complex curve and is hung from the rear stiles by a caned circular loop secured by a nail and a caned semi-circular loop below it. CONDITION - Good. Some nicks in wood at juncture of seat and back stiles. Normal wear to feet. Original caning in excellent condition.

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