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Coffee Pot with Lid and Drip Spout

Catalogue Description:
Coffee Pot (a) with lid (b) and drip spout / filter (c), porcelain with vitreous glaze, transfer-printed decoration, and gilding. White spherical body (a) with a molded triangular spout and applied c-shaped handle; decorated with three parallel undulating green lines through mid-section, set on a maroon cross-shaped base. The circular, domed lid (b) with gilded spherical finial. Drip spout (c) of conical form with circular base and c-shaped handle. Interior with molded vertical ribs and three holes at bottom; decorated with two parallel undulating green lines through mid-section and gilded rim. Drip spout fits into mouth of body. CONDITION - Excellent original from manufacture. Some minor surface irregularities.

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