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Catalogue Description:
Large round, non-functional stoneware plate with irregular contours and surfaces, decorated with tan and rust-colored glazes. Thick plate has undulating edge; plate bisected with a scored line that is split open in the center (showing layers of clay and forming a hole) and separated at one end to form a break in the edge with one side pushed up higher that the other. This line is intersected by a shorter perpendicular scored line off the midpoint. A serpentine incised channel on one side of plate intersects the shorter scored line; a crack runs between this channel and the longer scored line. Five molded bumps irregularly spaced around center of plate and on rim at one end of bisecting line; some are cut open making a hole; they were formed by pushing a finger up through the clay from the underside of the plate. Two small rounded rectangular pieces protrude up through cut-outs along rim (at roughly 2:00 and 11:00). Plate set on cylindrical base scored with horizontal grooves; split open along one side making the base uneven. Glazing: half of plate in mottled rust-colored glaze and the other half in tan; outer edge of rim in both rust and tan sections; underside of plate and base covered with uneven layers of rust-colored glaze with small, dark mottled specks and two large irregularly shaped spots in darker brown glaze. CONDITION: Good; any cracks or irregularities seem intentional.

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