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Vessel with Buddhist Symbols

Catalogue Description:
Large broad bowl with a straight foot rim of medium height, and wide rounded sides. On either side are curved moving handles. Cooper gilded on the rims and decorated inside and out with white cloisonné enamel flecked with black and patterned all over designs made only by the gilded cloisons. On the outside of the bowl are lotus scrolls and the eight Buddhist emblems of Happy Augury, with a large stylized flower (?) medallion in the center. There are similar lotus and Buddhist patterns on the outside and on the foot, with the addition of a border of false gadroons above the foot. On the base is a design of prunus blossoms on a ground netted to resemble cracked ice. Condition: The gilding has been rubbed away in a few places and the surface of the enamel is slightly pitted.

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