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Joe's Farewell

Catalogue Description:
Realistically rendered figural group based on "Barnaby Rudge" by Charles Dickens (published in England in 1841). Stepped oval base, the top of which is modeled as a tile floor on an incline. Two figures in 18th-century clothing in foreground: at left, a woman with head cast downward and fretting the bottom edge of her apron in her hands, at left, a young man holding his cap at his chest with proper right hand and his proper left hand behind his back. The couple stands in front of a blacksmith's fireplace with a firebox at table height and tools in the fire; above this on the chimney, keys and padlocks are hung and on the shelf on the left side of the chimney is a Toby jug. Left of the fireplace is a stump with an anvil and hammer on it. On the floor are padlocks, a hammer and a traveler's bundle. Condition: Handle of hammer on floor and handle of traveler's bundle missing. Blind crack runs from rear right base through center of base, with a small chip on corner of base at this crack. Fine horizontal crack on female proper right angle. Crack along proper right side of male neck, filled with a resin.

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