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View of Lower Manhattan

Herzl Emanuel has vivid recollections about the origins of this work:

Upon returning to the U.S. from four years in Paris, I found a studio on Columbia Heights in Brooklyn, It had a rear garden from which I could see the grand bridge majestically spanning the East River to the distant cluster of towering buildings of lower Manhattan. The assortment of visual elements was extremely rich . . . the astonishing structure of the bridge itself, the varied shapes and architectural styles of the soaring buildings, the river traffic, the streets paved with cobble stones, brick walls and archways, steps and streetcar tracks and overhead, banks of cumulous clouds . . . The challenge was to organize all this seductive material into a coherent structure. My efforts at the time clearly reflected my immersion with the cubist development.

Catalogue Description:
Rectangular relief plaque with Cubistic portrayal of Lower Manhattan: fragments of buildings, cobbled streets, arches, the Brooklyn Bridge, water, and a sign or banner with "S" juxtaposed at different angles. Condition: Good

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