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Looking Glass

Catalogue Description:
Federal style looking glass. Rectangular gilt-wood frame surmounted by central gilt ornament of feathers and lambrequins with projecting flower and leaves. Pendant foliage suspended from lambrequins frames upper half of sides and is attached to sides by a metal wire. A molded bead-like pattern runs around the outside edge of the frame. A pendant drop of feathers is attached to the bottom of the frame. The glass is not original. The piece is in poor condition with some flaking and losses. Evidence of two earlier restoration campaigns. CONDITION: The piece is in poor condition. The gilding is flaking. The metal stems are bent. One leaf and two fragments of the upper edge of the frame are detached. The flowers are missing their stamens. There is evidence of two earlier restoration campaigns, visible because of the different quality of the fills and different colored gilding.

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