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Bottle Depicting a Hunting Scene

Catalogue Description:
Flask, flattened body, with a tall neck cut down. The surface of the flask is molded; it is painted under a discolored transparent glaze in cobalt blue with black outlines. The rough base is unglazed. The decoration is reserved on a blue ground and outlined in black. On one side stands a man with an animal round his shoulders; to the left, a woman kneels before him, offering him a cup. The man wears a European costume - a doublet with a ruff and a hat. The woman is more simply dressed in Persian style. Between the figure is a tray of fruit and a glass (?) flask. In the background are flowers and shrubs of different kinds, birds and cloud-scrolls. The other side is decorated with a hunting scene. A man in European costume fires at a hare (?) with his gun; on the right is a wounded crane. From his waist hangs a powder horn in the form of a bird's head and a bag. The background consists of flowers, leaves, and cloud-scrolls.

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