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Palette with Two Stylized Bird Heads

Catalogue Description:
Wedge-shaped slate palette, with rounded corners, slightly blunted tip. Decorated on broad end with two falcon-heads, half of the beak cut out, the remainder marked by deep groove. On both heads a round eye is carved out on each face, and inlaid with perforated flat bead of shell that fills the whole space; its center is filled with some dark paste. Perforated by a string-hole in middle beneath heads; thin. One face flat, the other slightly convex. Brownish grey slate. Condition: Tip battered. One beak broken off and missing, with traces of glue at break. (Wilbour’s sketch shows two heads.) From the surface of adjacent head, on convex face, a thin flake that had been chipped off was glued on again in modern times. Other beak badly battered on both faces. On the flat face at right border, a small flake was chipped off and glued on. Slightly scratched and rubbed.

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