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Statue of Nefertem

The eyes of this large, fine bronze figure of Nefertem are inlaid with silver, and the lotus atop his head was once inlaid with colored glass or paste. Sometimes considered the child of Ptah and Sakhmet at Memphis, Nefertem was associated with the lotus, a symbol of birth and rebirth on which the Creator solar deity first appeared in the primordial ocean (Nun). The scimitar he holds refers to Nefertem's role as a defender of the Creator's universal order (Ma'at).

Catalogue Description:
Bronze statue of Nefer-tum standing with sickle clasped in right hand and conventional headdress. Of excellent quality. Elaborate naturalistic veining lines intact. From inner center of the lotus rise two plumes (?) joined. From outer surface of lotus on each side over the ears hangs a menat also inlaid originally. Entire wig worked with very fine incised lines. Small uraeus. Braided beard. Eyes, eyebrows and beard strap formed from copper (?) overlays with eyes white inlaid with silver. Left arm hangs at side with small cylinder, originally inlaid (?), clasped in hand. Right arm held against breast and clasps in the hand an instrument, perhaps a sickle, the handle of which is in the form of a lotus. Pleated shenti kilt. Left leg advanced. Dark green patina. Heavy suspension loop at back of head. Inscription: Traces of the inscription on all four sides of the base but they are almost illegible. Shallow cutting. Condition: General condition excellent. Left front corner of base missing. Inlays missing from headdress. Nose battered. Two patches on green on right side of face. Bronze in excellent condition. Technique: Cast solid. Worked in great detail. Large lotus flower blossom on top of head, outer sides of which were inlaid with glass or paste (now missing).

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