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Head of a Man

The somewhat broad and imprecise carving of this idealizing head may represent a provincial style of the region of Dendera. It may also be a harbinger of the dramatic decline in private statuary that occurred by the late first century B.C. A rosette is symbolic of light and regeneration, and a rosette diadem sometimes symbolizes posthumous deification. However, here the diadem may be the insignia of a provincial governorship or a priesthood.

Catalogue Description:
Over life-size black basalt head of a man originally with inlaid eyes. Idealized face in archaizing style. Head encircled with diadem of rosettes (? crown of justification). Upper area of hair only roughly indicated; hair beneath diadem in from of conventionalized curls. Dull surface. Certainly from a temple statue. Condition: Eyes list, nose broken. A few rosettes lost form rear of diadem.

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