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Relief Fragment Showing Head of Queen Ahmose

Queen Hatshepsut supported her right to rule by claiming to be the daughter of the god Amun, who visited her mother Queen Ahmose in the form of King Thutmose I. Ahmose's role in this royal myth explains the prominence of her images in Hatshepsut's funerary temple at Deir el Bahri. This fragmentary head of Ahmose was the work of one of Hatshepsut's best sculptors, who indicated the subject's maturity by carving a slight double chin. The headdress was later scored with a chisel, perhaps in preparation for repainting.

Catalogue Description:
Fragment of limestone relief. Head of Queen Ahmose facing right wearing the vulture headdress the entire surface of which is covered with triangular incisions. Only lower portion of head is preserved from base of eye to upper part of neck. Flesh yellow, remains of blue pigment on wig; background white. Condition: Incomplete. Assembled from at least two fragments..

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