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Relief of Akhethotep

This relief depicts Akhty-hotep, an Old Kingdom official, in a simple wrapped kilt and a short, curly wig. The tall walking stick and paddlelike baton indicate his official status. Akhty-hotep's name appears in hieroglyphs in front of his face and also, partially preserved, above him to the left. Egyptians believed that, in addition to tomb statues, images like this one could house the dead owner's spirit. The high, bold carving typifies relief of the early Old Kingdom.

Catalogue Description:
Limestone relief of the royal official Akhet-hotep. In high relief, Akhet-hotep, standing facing right, supporting plain staff in left hand, and sekhem-scepter in right. Curled wig, plain skirt. Above the representation, remains of three columns of titles in very bold hieroglyphs; name of owner in raised relief in front of face. Condition: Relief is assembled from separate blocks. These blocks have been cut to maximum thickness of about 4.2 cm. Sections lost from left edge (center and base) and from lower right edges. Cracked in various sections with minor breaks along cracks. Remains of green paint around eye. Lips chipped. Relief is in fragile condition and crossed with cracks. As both long sides of the relief show traces of walls at right angles to the main face of this relief, it must have come from the left side, or inlet, of a false door or similar in the tomb.

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