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Relief Depicting Akenhaten and His Daughter Offering to the Aten

Akhenaten presents a formal bouquet to the Aten, whose rays, ending in tiny hands, stream down before the king. Only the king's arms, torso, and lower face are preserved. His daughter holds a rattle called a sistrum and wears her hair in an elaborate plaited sidelock, symbolizing youth.

Catalogue Description:
Limestone relief. At left, Akhenaten, arms upraised making an offering to the Aten whose rays, terminating in hands, fill area in front of king. Behind king, a princess holding sistrum. Three (?) columns off effaced text at upper right. Six blank cartouches on king’s torso. Condition: Poor. Face of king obliterated. His arms and body chipped. Neck of princess lost. Edges badly chipped.

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