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Relief, Lute Player

When still intact, the scene from which this relief comes showed one of Akhenaten's daughters playing a lute in a boat floating through reeds in the Nile marshes. The thumb and index finger of the princess's right hand strum the chords, while the long delicate fingers of her left hand press down on the lute strings.

Catalogue Description:
Limestone relief. In raised relief, at left, girl wearing curled wig and facing right playing a lute. At extreme right two small standing figures incompletely preserved. The background almost certainly represents a papyrus swamp, obviously from its irregularity some natural formation. The posts (?) in front of the lutist perhaps being details of boats. The composition possibly a genre scene in a swamp. Condition: Lower right corner broken. Considerable remains of ancient pigment on face. On small figures at right small are of ancient red pigment on upper body.

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