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Royal Torso

Neither the head nor the inscription on this sculpture survives, preventing a precise identification of the king represented. The extremely broad upper torso, thick nipples, and deep median line all recall royal sculptures dated to the beginning of Dynasty 12. Later in the dynasty, artists treated these details in a subtler, more naturalistic style.

Catalogue Description:
Black granite torso of a king preserved from neck to waist, with grooved lappet of Nemes in front and remains of pigtail ending level with lower portion of shoulder blades in rear. Part of belt in front; in back belt and upper part of grooved kilt preserved. Collar bones and thorax strongly indicated; deep median line curving to left; nipples; stylized muscles on upper arm. The right forearm extended forwards and downwards. Condition: Chips and small breaks in numerous places. Upper right arm mostly preserved; upper left arm only half preserved. Pigtail nearly chipped off.

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