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Statuette of King Necho

This sculpture probably belonged to a group showing the king presenting an offering to a god. The inscription indicates that the royal figure was King Necho. Two Saite rulers had this name, the little-known Necho I and the more celebrated Necho II in whose reign the Egyptians circumnavigated Africa and attempted to link the Mediterranean and Red seas with a canal. Which Necho is represented is not known.

Catalogue Description:
Bronze figure of a kneeling king wearing sndy.t, nms and bracelets. The figure’s hands are held above his knees as if to present an offering. Inscribed on the belt is the name of Necho II; the rest of the belt is decorated with a herring-bone pattern. The king’s neck is marked with two creases. Two tangs spring from the bottom of the figure; one from between the knees and the other from between the feet. Condition: Tangs and parts of body around them show green corrosion; other small areas of green elsewhere on figure. Large nick in right thumb; small nicks, pits and scratches scattered over figure.

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