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Ptolemaic Queen (Cleopatra VII?)

This fragment illustrates the cosmopolitan nature of society in the Ptolemaic Period. Although the full face and small lips are Egyptian stylistic elements, the curly locks and coiled tresses are Hellenistic. The uraeus cobra on the forehead identifies the woman as a queen.

Catalogue Description:
Marble head of a queen wearing a heavy wig encircled by a fillet from which spring three uraei. The eyes were once inlaid. A back pillar extends up above the top of the head and partially covers the rear top portion of the head. The head is broken off diagonally at the neck. A few scholars have theorized that the triple uraeus identifies her a Cleopatra. Condition: Large chips in top of head and in left rear portion of wig. Smaller chips elsewhere in wig; edges of back pillar chipped; lower left eye-lid chipped; chips in face; two uraei chipped; inlays for eyes now missing.

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