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Statuette of the Goddess Mut

The name of the goddess Mut (pronounced "Moot") probably means mother, and one of her roles was protector of pregnancy and birth. Mut was also the wife of the god Amun, the mother of the god Khonsu, and the divine mother of numerous pharaohs. She is normally shown in human guise, reflecting the beneficent aspect of her nature, and wears the Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, which characterizes her as a conveyor of kingship.

Catalogue Description:
Green schist, matte polished surface in a good state of preservation. The goddess wears the double crown, a striated wig, a single uraeus, a tightly fitting sheath. Left hand holds an ankh sign. Back pillar is a truncated pyramid. Condition: Broken off diagonally from calf, below hem line, of left leg to the bottom of the skirt on the right leg. Nicks in right leg and in space between the legs of garment; chip missing from face at juncture of right eye, nose and cheek. Top of back pillar worn.

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