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Temple Statue of Pawerem, Priest of Bastet

Each morning in the temples, the king, or a priest playing the role of pharaoh, embraced the image of a god to help the god's daily rebirth and protect it from the forces of chaos. The priest depicted here, named Pawerem, holds a shrine containing an image of the goddess Bastet. Such statues (called naophoros, or "shrine-bearing") link their owners to this daily temple ritual and associate them permanently with the divine cycle of death and rebirth.

Catalogue Description:
Black diorite or baslt naophorous statue of a priest of Bastet. The figure, who wears a Shendyt-kilt, kneels upon a rectangular plinth. Resting upon his legs is a deep naos. His palms rest against the sides of it as if to steady it. The front of the naos is decorated with a recess in which is carved, in relief, a figure of the goddess Bastet. The goddess wears a lappet wig, broad collar, and tight dress. The stone is smoothly polished. The torso modeling is simple without indication of a median line. The one preserved nipple is given in relief. An extension of the stone connects the rear of the naos with the abdomen. Condition: Base chipped; head, right shoulder, upper arms missing; top of back pillar missing; most of piece chipped.

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