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Stela of Netjer-mose

The five female figures on this stela of a man named Netjer-mose are not identified clearly. The large, prominently placed figure seated beside him may represent his mother. The dominance of these female figures may explain the unusual depiction of four large storage vessels, possibly symbolic of wombs, across the bottom of this stela.

Catalogue Description:
Stela of a man named Netjer=mose, who is shown with five female figures, only some of whom have their relationship to him specified. He sits beside a larger, unidentified figure of a woman who may be his mother. The unusual depiction of four large storage vessels at the bottom may be symbolic of wombs. Limestone funerary stela. The stela is round-topped. At the top are two "wadjet" - eyes. Below the eyes, to the left, are two people seated upon a lion-legged chair. The smaller person holds a lotus in his right hand down by her knees. Above the women is a text. Before the legs of the smaller man is also a text. Before the pair is a small offering table. On the right side of this table are two registers of small figures. The upper register shows a standing woman followed by a male figure with his right arm raised. Before the female is an inscription; before the male is an inscription. Below these two figures is a seated woman nursing a child. Before her face is a text; before her legs another text. These two figures are done in a very poor sunk relief. The bottom register has a representation of a row of four offering vessels in sunken relief. Condition: Front surface blackened with chips and scratches; arms of standing woman chipped away; gouge marks on all edges.

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